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Short Story About Our Company

Vexalabs is a software development company specializing in Website Development, Website Maintance, SaaS Application Development and Cloud Consulting

We are not your typical software development company. We focus on rapid (Agile) development and scalable solutions that meet your budget. We engineer and develop simple solutions that provide big impact to our customers.

In the current tough economy, Vexalabs is developing innovative cloud-based software for our clients, which allows them to reduce their running costs and improve sales.

We like to tinker and play with cutting edge technology such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning. This tinkering allows us to offer cloud based AI solutions, without large costs associated with software licenses and hardware.

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    Jan, 2013
    Vexalabs was born

    Vexalabs was born when the CIO and lead digital architect of a leading financial service company looked at the software development landscape and realized there was a huge gap in providing simple, well engineered solutions.

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    Jul, 2016
    Vexalabs Expands its Offerings

    As Vexalabs grew we added to our product offering by providing SaaS and PaaS application development. This gave our customers more flexibility and options when choosing a partner.

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    Feb, 2017
    Vexalabs invests in Cloud

    Vexalabs places big emphasis on the importance of Cloud. We mandates our developers to get cloud certified to ensure we can provide the best cloud consulting to our customers.

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    May, 2019
    Vexalabs becomes Salesforce Certified

    Clients expectations from their service providers or companies they do business with has become extremely high. They expect personalized, real time engagement on any platform of their choice. Salesforce is the leading CRM platform. Vexalabs has invested a huge amount of time in becoming Salesforce certified in order to provide the best service for our clients.

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    Apr, 2020
    E-Commerce Push During Covid-19

    Vexalabs helps numerous clients rapidly develop E-Commerce websites so that they can continue to operate during Covid-19 Lockdown.

Senior Support
We provide you with support from our most senior managers and executives, ensuring that you receive expert support when you need it
Awesome Team
We have a excellent team engineers, developers and consultants.
Quick Turnaround
Our business model is tailored around fast (Agile) delivery for all project requirements

Our Vision

By leveraging technology, Vexalabs aims to provide our clients with simple yet effective software solutions to help our clients be successful and grow their businesses.

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