About Us

About Vexalabs

Vexalabs is a leading WordPress and software development company with successful project implementations across the globe

We are not your typical software development company. We focus on rapid development and scalable solutions that meet your budget.

We are WordPress Specialists and can develop any WordPress solution including advanced e-commerce and WooCommerce solutions.

We like to tinker and play with cutting edge technology such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning. This tinkering allows us to offer cloud based AI solutions that are cost effective and without large costs associated with software licenses and hardware.

Our distributed specialist network allows us to tap into resources on demand and to flexibly scale our capability to meet our client's projects demands.

Senior Support
Support is provided only by our most senior managers and executives, ensuring that you receive expert support when you need it
Awesome Team
We have a global team of developers, analyst, UX specialist and campaign specialists
Quick Turnaround
Our business model is tailored around fast delivery for all project requirements

Our Vision

To be the leading, global digital production agency