Pre-Built Systems (SaaS)

Over the past 15 years Vexalabs has developed hundreds of website, systems, software and products. These are our own proprietary Software.

Why spend time, money and energy on developing custom software we already have developed? Instead Vexalabs allows you to use the software and even customize it using a SaaS model.

Like leasing a car, SaaS gives you cost effective solutions to solve your business’s needs NOW without having to custom develop something yourself.

Vexalabs has a few SaaS and PaaS solution to choose from.


Some of our SaaS and PaaS Offerings

These are just a handfull of solutions we have;
  • WhatsApp Self Help Chatbot Platform
  • Access Registry - POPIA and Covid Friendly Digital Access Log
  • Digital Signing Software
  • AWS Glacier Storage Platform
  • IOS and Android API Universal Gateway
  • SMS, Shortcode and USSD API and GUI Platform

Intrested in our SaaS or PaaS Offerings?

Get in touch today and let's explore how we can assist you.